Drop Trailer Program

If you have scrap pallets, wood, or crates, Instead of sending scrap pallets, crates, and/or wood to the landfill at high cost, Demcor Inc. can drop a trailer from our fleet to customer’s locations which can be swapped out when we deliver new pallets or when the customer requests a swap to occur.  We can remove a full trailer and replace it with an empty one, while conserving the scrap material to repurpose it; thereby saving our landfills and the bottom line for our customer.

Reconditioning & Repair

Some recycled pallets are reconditioned by repairing broken components which restores the integrity of the pallets providing additional life from a used pallet while saving cost for customers.  Demcor Inc. recycles a large quantity of standard pallets as Grade A and Grade B; as well, some custom pallets are reconfigured to customer’s specific dimensions.

Recycling & Disposal

Reducing environmental impact by providing efficient and responsible recycling solutions for used pallets. Recycling used pallets eliminates the needs for landfill expansions along with the high cost of pallet disposal at county waste sites.

JIT Inventory Management

Demcor Inc. can manage just-in-time delivery for our customers by maintaining inventory in our warehouse so we can deliver within a 48 hour notice, thereby minimizing warehouse requirements at our customers’ locations.

Full Service Delivery

Through Demcor Transport Corp., our fleet of trucks and trailers are available for delivery of all pallets and crates to our customer locations.

Pallet Treatment

Pallets can be heat-treated per ISPM 15 Standard for Export requirement. Stenciling/Marking/Branding can occur depending on customer requirements. Color Coding per customer needs can be applied.

Pallet Development + Prototyping/Testing

Designed pallets go through the process of initial prototyping. The prototypes are tested in real life conditions including loading and transportation simulations to develop a robust product which can survive all conditions relating to the customer’s applications.

Pallet Design

In order to provide optimum pallets for the specific needs of customers, we utilize a customized pallet design software which predicts load conditions to minimize material cost without sacrificing integrity of the pallet.

Sustainable Pallet Manufacturing

Crafting pallets that not only meet industry standards but also prioritize eco-friendliness, durability, and performance.

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