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Standard GMA Pallets

The most common size North American pallets are 48x40 and built to GMA specifications.

Reconditioned Pallets

Additional life and use can be provided to a wooden pallet by simply reconditioning or repairing the broken components of the pallet to restore its original strength, usage, and integrity of the pallet.

Heat Treated Pallets

Demcor Inc. heat treats hundreds of pallets daily along with stenciling and properly labeling each pallet to ensure ISPM 15 compliance and identification.

Custom Pallets

Demcor Inc. produces hundreds of pallet designs pursuant to specific customer requirements.


Crates can be manufactured from hardwood, pine, plywood, or OSB, and are highly specific in nature based on the product being protected and shipped.

Combo Pallets

Combo pallets are commonly used in the pallet industry to minimize cost and be environmentally conscious.

Block Pallets

Demcor Inc. also maintains an inventory of reconditioned block pallets of various dimensions.

Why choose DEMCOR

As a pioneering force in the industry, we lead the way in redefining pallet solutions with a resolute commitment to environmental responsibility. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses sustainable pallet manufacturing, recycling, design, and more.

sustainibilty processes

team work makes the dream work.

Welcome to Demcor Inc., a dedicated small business nestled in Newport, Tennessee. With a resolute focus on sustainability, we redefine the pallet industry by offering innovative solutions that echo our commitment to the environment. From design and development to manufacturing and recycling, our expertise spans pallets, skids, crates, containers, and specialty packaging. Explore how Demcor transforms ordinary logistics into an extraordinary journey towards a greener future.

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Check out Demcor Inc.'s product catalog to explore the wide range of pallet products and services that we offer. We guarantee a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly solution to buy, customize, refurbish, and recycle pallets, crates, and scrap wood.

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